Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pictures from the great road trip of 2009

Try to picture Kansas in your mind and this is what you should come up with:

The bison have the run of Custer State Park. When they cross the road, they amble. They seemed oblivious to cars and trucks and minivans - motorcycles they didn't really like. You could hear them grunting and making all sorts of noises. I liked watching them roll around in the dust:

Some of the elk I saw, as the bikers pulled up:

Picture South Dakota in your mind and this is what you should come up with:

One of tunnels on the Iron Mountain Highway. The white-ish area on the mountain to the right looking thru the tunnel is Mt. Rushmore:

The best tunnel, which is on the Needles Highway. It's longer than it looks and there is a 45 degree turn to the right at the other side:

The first view of Devils Tower you get on the road coming from the northern route from SD:

Pictures really don't do Devils Tower justice - I kept looking for the Mothership:

Looking down towards the Little Bighorn river from Last Stand Hill. The markers are not graves - they mark where each soldier fell. Most of the remains were moved to the cemetery located near the visitors center. Custer's' remains were moved to West Point:

Driving towards Little Bighorn, hoping to make it before closing:


Stephanie said...

Look at the colors in that top pic and tell me that's not gorgeous.

If there was something I could do for a living there, I think we'd move to Bis, just because I love the Plains.

Thanks for sharing your pics.

love johnson said...

Yea, but that's Kansas. I wish I had better pics (sharper colors and contrasts) of SD or Wy. I really liked the rolling grasslands. The hills. The trees. Much better smells (apart from the Bison). I wish I had made it to Rapid City - outside of the Black Hills and Plains. That might be a nice place to live.

Then again - winter. Blizzards. Motorcycle rallies.

Anonymous said...

Dude we were just at Custer and Devil's Tower.

Stephanie said...

You'll never convince a ND girl that SD would be the place to live. Boo Rapid City.

love johnson said...

Define just there.

Anonymous said...

Custer/Black Hills/Deadwood August 28-31, Devils Tower Aug 30.

Stephanie said...

He means July.