Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sarah's family

Can I just say to Sarah Palin that, under Obama's plan, her parents and Trig are welcome to keep their current health care coverage. Sorry to spoil her frothing and ranting fun.


love johnson said...

As with most things political these days, I tune out as soon as anyone on either side start in on this subject. I trust no one nor believe anyone from either side.

Driving through the Plains, here is what I heard about "Obama Care" on the radio....

There are 4 majors areas in his plan:

1) Public funding for abortions
2) Public funding for sex changes
3) Death to children with Down Syndrome, Autism, MS, MD, etc.
4) Death to your grandparents

That's it. No other parts. It was a broken record on whatever station I could pick up. When I ran out of cd's to listen to, I preferred open windows and wind noise to the radio.

Stephanie said...

I've been tuned out to some degree too, but the whole "death panel" thing piqued my interest. Daily Show last night: correspondents demanding death panels run by the private sector (more efficient than government run death panels).

Anonymous said...

Really? Maybe in the short run, but this is the government we're dealing with here...

Stephanie said...

Well, sure. There's nothing requiring insurance companies to continue to offer their current plans next year (regardless of whether Congress passes any new plan). True, though, that the new legislation may encourage or require or cause changes in some respects.

That's not what Sarah was referring to, though, though. She thought that if the plan was enacted, the government would decide when her grandparents should die.

There are oodles of legit questions/concerns about the health plan. Death panels isn't one of them, but that's what Sarah went with. Waiting for you to give up on her.

Anonymous said...

Have you read about Obama's science czar? These are the people he's surrounding himself with. Are we not to question that?

Stephanie said...

Anonymous: http://scienceblogs.com/bioephemera/2009/07/description_misrepresented_as.php

Also, your comment is off-topic.