Thursday, August 26, 2010

Emerson's tapes

My post "Imam Rauf to be exposed..." linked to Ace's post, which linked to a post on Weasel Zippers, which linked to the original post on Pam Geller's Atlas Shrugged. If you go to the original post on Atlas Shrugged and read since then, you'll find the tapes. I haven't read most of it, but what I have read you will not find controversial and will probably agree with. To you it won't be any big deal, and certainly no expose. Others, including me, will disagree with you.

How's that for sourcing?


Michael said...

This is why you should read Ace:

Ace: This New Rasmussen Poll Makes Me Want to Dress Up Like Jame Gumb And Put Marco Rubio In My Victim-Hole
Marco Rubio: I'm Calling The Police
Ace: There You Go With Those Mixed Signals Again

Stephanie said...

Did you see the title of Pam Geller's book?! "The Obama Administration's War on America." Holy sh*t. People are nuttier than I realized. Very, very sorry to have clicked on her site.

Michael said...

Guessing you didn't read all the tapes that you've been waiting for then, huh?

Stephanie said...

No, I will not be listening to 13 hours of tapes when I hold no suspicions about their contents. I'm sure Ace et all will quote the sinister parts and we can go from there.