Monday, August 23, 2010


Can I talk you gentlemen into tagging your own posts from now on?   (You're also welcome to go back and tag historical posts. I went back as far as 2/19/09.)

I started the tagging project because I wanted to find all the book posts.  Because they don't necessarily contain the word "book", there's no way to find them easily.

There are tags for the broad topics of: Economics, Politics, Religion, Books, Music (Other than Adam), Movies, Food, Dramatic Life Events.  If that's all you use, it'd be something.  Pixels are free, though, so feel free to include everything you'd ever want to use to find something.  Also, I see tags as an opportunity for editorial comment.  Feel free to create tags.

With regard to names, I've included people's first names and have not included titles. The result is that you can find them under their first name in the alphabetical list of tags.

Tip: Blogger interprets a comma as the end of one tag and the start of another.  Thus, if you tried to tag something with "Lambert, Adam", it would bear two tags, one for Adam and one for Lambert.

Tag away.

Update moments later:  Also, consider adding tags to reflect what's in the comments.


Michael said...

Should books include authors, or should it be a separate tag? Doesn't your Chabon post need one or the other?

Michael said...

And can you tell us how without us having to look it up?

Stephanie said...

Can certainly also include authors. Feel free.

We could have a lot of tagging regulations for uniformity. Lots of group blogs/forums have moderators who tend to all the tagging, for the sake of consistency. Group decision to be made. My attitude would be free-for-all, with maybe a couple hard/fast rules. 1) Book posts should be tagged with "Books" and 2) References to people should be in the format First Name, Last Name except for Bowie; and 3) posts referencing Peggy Noonan should include the tag "Scooter Has a Crush".

Tell you how to tag?! Is that what you're asking? It's easy. When you write or edit a post, there's a empty box named "Labels" at the lower right corner of the composition box. Just type your tag(s) in there. When you start typing a word, it'll offer suggestions. Blogger calls them Labels, but the rest of the internet calls them tags.

Stephanie said...

The author tag should be a separate tag from the "Books" tag.

There's a character limit for the tags, but otherwise, you can add as many tags as you want.