Sunday, August 22, 2010

Internet Mysteries

Now that I've been pulled back in, how do they do this?

I get letters in my email addressed to my late father. Dad never darkened a computer keyboard in his life unless one counts his ancient HP calculator that cost about $300 in 1972. He certainly never got on the internet and never even saw my computer.

Two outfits email me constantly: a pool supply company and the AARP. A copy of the latter's "webletter" came this morning.

How do they do this? I do use Mom's cable modem and wireless router. I'm pretty sure she's never been to either site.

I know I've never been to either site (until today when I clicked on the AARP note to get the link). And before there are any snide remarks, I did not do an internet search for "Sexual Fantasies over 45" or any related topic.

1 comment:

Michael said...

What if someone using your name, email address, and SSN did a search for "AARP GMILF in Clear Lake?". Hypothetically of course...