Sunday, August 29, 2010

I KNEW that Republicans/conservatives were mean, stupid, and evil.


And now the mosque near ground zero. The intelligentsia is near unanimous that the only possible grounds for opposition is bigotry toward Muslims. This smug attribution of bigotry to two-thirds of the population hinges on the insistence on a complete lack of connection between Islam and radical Islam, a proposition that dovetails perfectly with the Obama administration's pretense that we are at war with nothing more than "violent extremists" of inscrutable motive and indiscernible belief. Those who reject this as both ridiculous and politically correct (an admitted redundancy) are declared Islamophobes, the ad hominem du jour.

It is a measure of the corruption of liberal thought and the collapse of its self-confidence that, finding itself so widely repudiated, it resorts reflexively to the cheapest race-baiting (in a colorful variety of forms). Indeed, how can one reason with a nation of pitchfork-wielding mobs brimming with "antipathy toward people who aren't like them" - blacks, Hispanics, gays and Muslims - a nation that is, as Michelle Obama once put it succinctly, "just downright mean"?

The Democrats are going to get beaten badly in November. Not just because the economy is ailing. And not just because Obama overread his mandate in governing too far left. But because a comeuppance is due the arrogant elites whose undisguised contempt for the great unwashed prevents them from conceding a modicum of serious thought to those who dare oppose them.


Stephanie said...

What reason is there to object to the mosque that isn't either bigoted or unconstitutional?

Stephanie said...

Please articulate the reason.

Michael said...

Please explain what you mean by unconstitutional.

Stephanie said...

What? You don't think there's a 1st amendment issue?

Michael said...

No I don't, so please explain what you mean.

Scooter said...

Shheesh. You guys fuss like you're cousins or something.

Stephanie said...

He started it.

Scooter said...

Will you stop touching me?!

Stephanie said...

Good grief. The constitutional issue is a) obvious and b) well-hashed. You don't need me to explain it. Shorthand: anti-establishment clause...blah, blah, blah... precluding access to a piece of real estate to Muslims but not Christians is an impermissible (UNCONSTITUTIONAL) establishment of a particular religion.

NOW...articulate a reason to preclude the mosque that isn't bigoted or unconstitutional.

Seriously, can you imagine if your government refused your church the right to build where it wanted to build because there have existed Christian terrorists and so we suspect you and the members of your church of also being a threat to the population.

Michael said...

Thank you. And it is what I thought it would be, and that is a red herring.

Let's fill out the blah-blahs:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion...."

While you may think that Rethugs or Tea Partiers are mostly idiots, they are not.

I'm willing to bet you can't find a single anecdotal instance in which someone who objects to the Mosque has said "Congress should make a law prohibiting the Mosque at Ground Zero."

It's simply not part of the thought process of the vast majority of those (now at 71% of your fellow citizens) who oppose the Mosque. We recognize the federal government doesn't have the right to determine where a Mosque goes. That has never been an issue, expect when someone on your side tries to discern why 71% of us object.

Therefore, your challenge, properly stated, is: What explanation do you have for objecting to the Mosque OTHER THAN your bigotry against Muslims?

Stephanie said...

Part of the blah blah blah is of course application of the establishment clause to state and local govt via the 14th. But you know that.

Doesn't matter, actually. Because you're right that every reason I've heard or read is bigotry.

Michael said...

"Because you're right that every reason I've heard or read is bigotry.'

Which is where I knew we would end up, and which is why I am very confused.

Michael said...

"[Rauf's comments are] an interesting contrast to the position of most liberal GZM supporters that opinion on the other side — 66 percent nationally, per the latest WaPo poll — is beneath contempt. Rauf is willing to make a concession to the feelings of opponents, at least in theory, in the name of “dialogue”; that’s more than you can say for the lefty commentariat who’ve treated this episode, as always, mainly as an exercise in self-congratulation for their moral supremacy."

--Allah at Hot Air.