Monday, April 23, 2007

English-speaking Peoples Since 1900

I'm up to the 90s. The decade/chapter entitled The Wasted Breathing Space.

More favorable treatment of Nixon/Kissinger than I would have thought: the theory being that the political will of the 70s only allowed for Detente rather than aggressively pursuing the end of Communism. Nixon was rightfully excoriated for his economic policies as was Carter; Edward Heath, the Conservative Prime Minister even more so for most of his policies.

Thatcher and Reagan rightfully hallowed for their efforts both economically and in terms of foreign policy. Wish that the details of Reykjavik had been explored in greater detail.

In addition, I've always felt that administrations (and most other things) really need at least 20 years of distance before they are really treated properly from a historical (as opposed to a journalistic) perspective so from Reagan/Thatcher forward, I'm treating this a bit more like an opinion piece though there is certainly plenty of opinion in the first 80 years.

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