Monday, April 23, 2007

The Sopranos

While I am on the cutting edge on many things, especially as compared to my com padres, I am not as it relates to television. I am rarely, if ever, "on" a program or series before it gets big or wins awards or is hyped as the next "best thing ever".

Case in point: "Seinfeld". I had heard of it, but had never watched it when it was in it's early years. I'm in a car with fellow SSJ Michael and he is talking about it and keeps saying that "dude, you are George. You are SO George." I had no idea what he was talking about, nor would he explain how I was "so George". So, my interest piqued, I watched. And watched and kept watching.

In the DVD age that we are now in, I've only bought 2 TV series. They are Ken Burns' "The Civil War" and "Seinfeld". I can, and have, watched both of these multiple times. As for "Seinfeld", I'm anxiously waiting for season 8 to come out in June.

Which brings me to "The Sopranos". As I've mentioned before, I have never had HBO, so I've never seen any series produced or aired on HBO. But with this being the final season (as I understand) of "The Sopranos", I'm seeing article after article talking about how it is the greatest TV series ever. EVER. Can that be? I mean, the reviewers and pundits and authors can't ALL be wrong, can they? So now I'm thinking, I have to check it out. I have to watch it.

I'm trying to decide if I want to start buying the DVD's, starting with season 1. My concern is that while it may be great, will it and can it stand up to multiple viewings, ala "Seinfeld". Or will I watch all the episodes, say yes, that was very good, even great, but never watch them again?

In thinking about the multiple viewing question, is that something inherent to the comedy genre? How many times have I watched the great comedies over and over again? Even though I know the story, the jokes, the twists, it is still entertaining and I still laugh out loud at the same time every time. But with a drama, when you know the outcome, does it lose something?Loses the "kick" or "punch"? And therein lies my conundrum. If "The Sopranos" is a great as the hype is suggesting, it should be able to pass the multiple viewing test.

What to do? What to do....

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