Thursday, April 26, 2007

Re: Speaking of Mike Gallagher

The first time he offered a hour of his program to the Phelps sisters was when they were going to show up/protest the funerals of the Amish children who were killed in the Amish school shooting. I listened to about half of that program. Even I, a very fervent advocate of free speech, was appalled. I understand his motivation in giving them air time, but they have no business on the airwaves. I heard him yesterday saying that they were going to be on again, but it was the last hour of the program and I had no way to hear it.

But my question is, while I understand (perhaps) why they do this, I don't understand why they don't also show up at the shooters funeral. If I understand their beliefs, the shooters/killers are sinners as well. So if you are going to show up at one, show up at the other. Then again, they lose the shock value and publicity if they attend the killers funeral.

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