Thursday, April 26, 2007

Re: Speaking of Mike Gallagher II

Yesterday and today he has been railing against the Tillman's and Jessica Lynch and their testimony in the hearings going on in DC. They have an agenda (as if not everyone there does), they are anti-war, blah blah blah. He keeps saying that Tillman was a hero and it didn't/shouldn't matter how he died. That the family got the truth. That friendly fire is a part of war. And he is right...and is very wrong.

It doesn't matter how he died. How he died shouldn't have effected his "hero" status. And I don't think it mattered to anyone...except the Army. That is the point. Gallagher keeps throwing out "alleged lies", "alleged facts", "perhaps the events were embellished", "the facts surrounding the event were murky". Please....EVERYONE in the Army that was involved knew from almost the minute he died what happened. The Army covered it up, the Army changed the story, the Army ordered people not to tell the truth. So it must have mattered to them. At his funeral/memorial service, the officer who recounted the events KNEW what he was saying was not truthful, the Army brass sitting there KNEW what was being said was not truthful, but they kept the story going. The Army has admitted it. So I don't know what is "alleged" or "murky" about that. The Army ordered someone who was there not to tell his brother, a fellow Ranger in the same platoon. The Army destroyed evidence. The Army posted guards outside a hospital room so a wounded soldier, who was injured in the same fire-fight, wouldn't tell anyone what really happened.

Since Gallagher is so good at putting himself in someones mind (the Tillman's family), allow me to do it. They just wanted to be told the truth. As soon as possible. The Army could have avoided all of this had they done so. By not, and dragging this out, the Tillman's got pissed and contacted their Congressman or Senator. And once those guys get involved, NOTHING good can happen. That is when you get hearings, that is when it all turns political and agenda's get involved. The Tillman's, at least at first, only had one agenda.

The truth.

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