Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Speaking of Mike Gallagher

I listened to a bit of Tuesday's show when he had the Phelps sisters on. He had made a deal with them that if they would agree not to appear at the funerals of the Blacksburg victims, he would give them Tuesday's show to do their thing. I had never paid much attention to them or their church, Westboro Baptist. I'm not going to link them - their website name would make even Ann Coulter blush.

From what I had read about them, I thought they were just anti-gay nuts, which they are, but they actually have a theology that goes way beyond their signs and their anti-gay rhetoric, which I now see they do for the pub to reach what they perceive as the maximum audience. They believe (fervently is too weak a word) that it is a Christian's duty to rebuke non-Christians in an effort to make them see the error of their ways and become Christians. The rub is that if you don't believe in 24/7 rebuking of those who don't agree with Westboro, you're not a real Christian. They have 71 members of their church apparently, and their belief is that they are the only true Christians following the teachings of Jesus. Everyone else is destined for Hell.

The sisters are not dumb and both are lawyers (and no LJ I'm not claiming that lawyers are necessarily smart). But boy are they pissed off.

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