Saturday, May 24, 2008

Re: Hill's not the first

Karl cites nine "cases" where the assassination possibility is raised, not by the "Obama camp" as Michael stated, but by "Obama, his staff, his supporters and his friends in the media".

First of all, discussing the possibility is different from using the possibility to justify your continued pointless campaign.

Second, I looked at all nine of Karl's cases and here's who's talking:

1) Obama appears to be answering a question raised in an interview;
2) Nothing relevant; maybe a wrong link
3) Teddy, responding to reporter's question
4) An elderly Rhodesian woman
5) Earl MacRae (who is that? a Canadian journalist)
6) Regarding the apparent security lapse in Dallas
7) Obama describing not being aware that his motorcade passed the site of JFK's assassination, in response to reporter's question
8) An art installation on the topic
9) Rev. Billy Kyles responding to reporter's question. The Rev. was with RFK.

You simply can't form an impression that the Obama camp has pushed this image, based on these nine cited cases.


Michael said...

You're right, should have checked before I posted. Would that you devoted your research skills to something worthy...

Stephanie said...

or at least something that makes money