Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why can’t I clear some of this out of my little brain for something useful

I heard an announcement today at the office for one of the nurse/paralegals to take a call from what sounded like a “Dr. Tobor.”

Immediately a song from about 40 years ago (from a cartoon I once watched) popped into my head:

There's a prehistoric monster
that came from outer space.
Created by the Martians
to destroy the human race.
The FBI is helpless,
it's twenty stories tall!
What can we do, who can we call?
Call Tobor the 8th Man,
Call Tobor the 8th Man.
Faster than a rocket,
quicker than a jet.
He's the mighty robot,
he's the one to get.
Call Tobor the 8th Man.
Quick call Tobor, the mightiest robot of them all!

I recall it being the "Call Tobor the Eight Man" but it’s pretty close. I also recalled it being animation of the Clutch Cargo or Speed Racer variety. I didn’t recall that it was early anime. Or that Ralph Bashki did the opening sequence.

Update: I certainly didn't remember this, "8th Man had special energy cigarettes that he carried in a cigarette case on his belt. Bad guys who made the mistake of allowing Tobor to have a final smoke before attempting to execute the worn down 8th man were rudely surprised to find that he would return to full strength." Foreshadowing echoes (yes, it's oxymoronic) of Sleeper.


Stephanie said...

"nurse/paralegal"? They are nurses turned paralegals? Goodness, that's a lot of school. What are nurse/paralegal's paid?

Stephanie said...

make that "What are nurse/paralegals paid?" with no apostrophe.

Scooter said...

I have no idea what they're paid. I don't think they really have much training from the paralegal side of things other than on the job. I'd guess high 50's low sixties. I guess it's obvious that they support the med-mal practice.