Wednesday, November 05, 2008


It's a day for thinking and feeling big things about Obama's election. Maybe I'll write something later.

I thought McCain's speech last night was excellent. Besides the content being pitch perfect, I thought it was well-delivered. If the campaigning McCain had sounded like the conceding McCain, I think it could have gone differently.

I've read the WaPo and the NYT behind-the-scenes stories. (The NYT story is lame.) Looking forward to the Newsweek story. If you come across good ones, please point them out.

On another note, I've been wondering what it was like for the brand manager for Kool Aid the day the Jim Jones et al story broke: "Why oh why didn't they use Tang instead?!" But I see from Wikipedia that they didn't use Kool Aid; it was Flavor Aid.

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Scooter said...

I remember similar comments about Kerry four years ago.