Tuesday, February 17, 2009

May have found my Kevin Bacon connection

One of the interesting experiences I'm having with Facebook is discovering who you're connected to with just a couple degrees of separation. One of my friends has daughters who are involved in serious ice skating; serious skating means working with the country's best coaches and that means rubbing shoulders with wildly wealthy parents of skaters. So my friend just got "friended" on Facebook by one of these wildly weathy people she's met at the rink. The WW person is Facebook friends with Leo di Caprio and Angelina Jolie and on and on. So it's likely that my closest route to Kevin Bacon is via my friend and then via the WW person. If the WW person isn't friends with Kevin Bacon herself, I'm sure one of her friends is.


Scooter said...

Too bad Mr. Bacon is a bit less WW after his association with Mr. Madoff.

love johnson said...

Mr. Madoff seems to have crossed paths with many a WW person. Strangely, I don't feel all that sad about the WW folks who have fallen on (relatively) tough times because of folks like Madoff.