Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Stanford

I knew they were big into sports sponsorships but this may cost those groups $100M. From Bloomberg:

Stanford accelerated his sports drive over the past two years by funding a $100 million cricket series, backing top golf and tennis events, and signing top athletes such as golf’s Vijay Singh and soccer’s Michael Owen to promote his financial companies. Already, cricket officials from the U.K. and Caribbean have suspended talks with Stanford over sponsorships.

Funny how small that $100M looks today. What was Enron's sponsorship of Minute Maid Park nee Enron Field?

Update from the AP via

On Feb. 27, the team paid $2.1 million to take back the naming rights to the stadium _ formerly known as Enron Field _ and temporarily dubbed it Astros Field until a new sponsor steps up. The Astros purged references to Enron from their Web site that same day.

Chump change.

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