Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Strange Ad from Moveon.org

Just heard a weird ad from moveon.org blasting one my senators for supporting the TARP bill. It blasted him for the "Wall Street bailout." I'm no fan of the bill but that was months ago and I seem to recall the bill was pretty much suppported by both sides at the time. We had to DO SOMETHING. I know that call came from the White House but most went along.

The ad sounded like it was going to be political ad from a future Democrat opponent. At the end it had the "paid for by moveon.org" blurb.

It urged listeners to call him and tell him to get back to work "for the people."

The really strange part was that the ad ran on KLBJ, the local blowtorch here in Austin...during the Limbaugh program.

If I were a contributor to moveon.org, I might want to tell them the ad could be better placed. This is Austin but there must be a better audience to try to persuade.


Stephanie said...

Went to Moveon's website and I see and played a radio spot against Cornyn. Is that the one you mean? It does include that strange implied condemnation for voting for the Wall Street bailout. It starts out, though, talking about Cornyn not voting for the stimulus bill (missed the vote), instead going to NYC and hobnobbing with Wall Street types, thereby revealing he's not interested in jobs for regular people but is only interested in bailing out Wall Street. So it does actually contrast Cornyn (not interested in regular people; only cares about Wall St) with others (who even if they voted for the bailout, care about regular people and showed it by voting for the stim bill).


Stephanie said...

But, yes, was stupid to buy time on Rush.

Scooter said...

I'm sure it was the same ad. I only caught the very last few seconds. I didn't know he missed the vote. He shouldn't have. I know he'd argue that he knew it would pass but he should have been on the record as against. That actually hurts him more from the right than the left in my mind.

My post really wasn't inteded as a slam on the content as much as moveon's marketing but looking at my comment, it does look like I was.