Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Images from Great Britain

I'm so bad about keeping up with what I've posted or not. I thought I had put some pictures on here, but I guess only the one. I'll pick the best or most interesting and start today....

I know this isn't very interesting, but when riding the Underground, this phrase is broadcast before, during and after every stop. After about 3 stops, it drives you crazy. After a day or 2, all I would do while riding the train was just repeat this over and over in my "trying to sound like, but awful" British accent. I drove C crazy doing that.

This is the London Eye - which when described to me didn't have much of an appeal. But it was super cool and even though it was foggy the day we did it, you still could see all over the metro London area and I thought foggy pictures captured what London looks like. The pods would hold about 20 or so people and it took about 30-35 minutes to make a revolution. If I remember correctly, all the parts were built and/or came from foreign countries - nothing from the UK.

This is Henry VIII. Well, not really. At Hampton Court, they do a recreation of his marriage to Jane Seymour. You get a "wedding invitation" and a listing of events and while you are touring the grounds, you run into the wedding party. Earlier, C and I were walking down a hallway and Henry came around a corner and talked to me. He asked me if I was there for the wedding ( I said no, but congrats anyway). He said OK and said he hoped I enjoyed "his" house. The funny thing about this picture was that there was a group of people in front of them and one of them asked the guy with Henry if he was Wolsey. Henry got upset and told the guy that he should address any questions or comments directly to the King, not to underlings. The tourist apologized and Henry told the underling he could answer (he wasn't Wolsey, though I can't recall who he said he was). C and commented that this whole production was the ultimate Renaissance Fair.

Taken on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. Really doesn't need an explanation....and no, C nor I tried any.

The "Old Course" at St. Andrews. The weather was horrible - very windy and raining off and on. Yet, no one complains and you just play. The wind was blowing from left to right on the 1st tee (and in the face of the golfers), so it was fun watching the tee shots. Of the 3 groups we saw tee off, only about 3 of golfers got the ball in the air. I could do that - I DO do that. So I could play this course and not feel bad. The prices aren't that bad and there are like 6 courses (the "new" course is over 100 years old, which cracks me up). I wanted to run out and stand on the bridge, but was afraid that the caddies or officials would get me.

This was taken somewhere in the Scottish Highlands. If I saw this picture, I would never guess Scotland. It looks more Germany or Austria to me. We just drove around on this day and hit every type of weather (rain, sun, cold, warm, windy, calm). It was so British, so Scottish.


Stephanie said...

Subtitle for you.

Anonymous said...

But Michelle Obama clearly felt something rather more outlandish was in order for a sightseeing trip in London yesterday.

On a visit to Westminster Abbey she wore a trendy colourful tunic embellished with ribbons and fabric flowers.
Teaming the look with a patterned belt the U.S. First Lady made the most of her narrow waist, while smartly referencing eclectic catwalk looks by British designer Christopher Kane.

"Narrow waist??" Looks pretty chunky to me.

Stephanie said...

I've got to agree about her taste in clothes. Ghastly.