Monday, June 08, 2009

Oh, this is a good idea...

Ugh. Can't believe I voted for this guy. Ok, I can believe it but this is just hideous.


Saying the greatest threat to the country is not a recession or terrorist attack but liberal media bias, Rep. Lamar Smith on Friday filed papers in the House to create the Media Fairness Caucus.

Smith said the caucus, consisting of roughly a dozen lawmakers, would point out liberal bias in mainstream media stories and pressure news organizations to be accurate, objective and fair.

In an interview on the Fox News Channel, Smith, R-San Antonio [and some of Austin, oh, the gerrymandering] said he didn’t want to “be radical, but to me, the greatest threat to America is not necessarily a recession or even another terrorist attack.”

“The greatest threat to America is a liberal media bias, and I think that because if the American people don’t know the facts, they can’t make good decisions and if the American people can’t make good decisions, then our democracy is threatened,” Smith said.

If the Americans don't know the facts? Any American who can't get all sides or just the facts is simply lazy. Media bias= recession/terrorism! Yikes. What the heck is this Rethug thinking? B---h all you want but "pressure" the media? If you complain about the FCC and the "fairness doctrine," you should be disqualified from this kind of idiocy. I'm sure he'll be screaming over any gun control proposals the Dems may put forward. Is the 1rst Amendment not as important as the 2d?


Stephanie said...

Heard snippets of this and was going to ask if this was same/different from the "fairness doctrine" that Rethugs were afraid Obama/Dems were going to reinstate.

Scooter said...

I guess "pressure" is a bit less heavy handed than actual enforcement ability...fines, etc. But not much.