Friday, June 12, 2009

Support for same-sex marriage by state

Here is a super cool graph illustrating support for gay marriage, by state, over time (since 1994) showing:

1) Support for gay marriage has increased since 1994 in every state.
2) Support for gay marriage has tended to increase at a higher rate in states that started out with relatively high support in 1994. (Texas follows this pattern; Minnesota is an exception.)
3) Utah sucks, IMHO.

Here's a a little taste of the graph:

[Update moments after posting: Scratch the sentence about Texas and Minnesota. I could explain my error, but it's not that interesting.]


Stephanie said...

Now "sucks" is a word that I hate, even though I used it here. But "stinks" sounds it walked out of the 50s and I don't have a better alternative.

Scooter said...

That one doesn't bother me as much but I guess it should.