Monday, March 27, 2006

Gore in 2008

Is he really out? Could he beat Hillary? He would certainly run left of her; are there enough true lefties out there to get him the nomination? And would he have a chance against Allen, Romney or McCain? (Like I know those are the likely nominees. What a horse race. Don't count out Giuliani or Huckabee.) McCain has a lot of ass-kissing (presidential and otherwise) to do if he thinks the delegates will nominate him, but he's started the process. Allen is smart and smooth. Romney, despite the fact that he's Mormon, seems to be appealing to the religious right.

Of course, everything is off the table if Condi can be persuaded. Scooter: I welcome your view here: Is she not really interested, or is this a Rove machination? Assuming it's not, could she be persuaded? Would she beat Hillary? How badly?

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