Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The love affair (and I don't mean just on this blog) with Condi

Can either of you explain to me the love affair the right has with her? I will admit I don't watch the Sunday news shows very often, so if she is on them saying something other than comments on foreign policy, I have no idea where she stands on any other issue(s). Social Security, Medicare, immigration, the deficit, education, etc. She doesn't have a voting record. And any statement she makes she could back-track on, saying she was just stating the administration's view, not hers. And to be fair, I've never understood the left's affection for Hilllary either. And this was even before she became a Senator. I can tell you right now that if they are the nominees in '08, I may not even vote.

I have a theory. The right loves her because she is the only person who they think can beat Hillary. Not not because of issues or policy, but because (1) the female vote - because she is more "likeable" than Hillary and (2) the African-American vote.

Now, to sound intelligent, all the voters interviewed in exit polls will give different reasons for voting for her, but in the end, there will only be 2. And the right-wing press will do the same, spinning it as once again, America identifying with the ideals of the Republican party, but in reality that will have nothing to do with it.

And, on a final note, as someone with "no dog in this fight", Condi is not (imho) an attractive woman.

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