Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Re: The love affair with Condi

Interesting that you should blame the White House / Bush for the out-of-control spending. YOUR Senate leader, Dr. Frist, blames others:

"The Democrat alternative to Republican efforts to restrain spending is clear: Continue to spend beyond our means, mortgaging our children's future by saddling them with a debt of $8 trillion … and continue to ratchet up taxes to pay for their fiscal irresponsibility, stifling the American economy."

Pot to kettle.


Scooter said...

The good doctor is WEAK. I certainly don't expect him to blame his own party or the prez but he knows exactly how shallow this sounds...Like Bush "calling for" the line item veto. Pure politics.

Michael said...

I second Scooter. Nothing distresses the base more (including immigration) than the insane spending by this Congress.