Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Re: Immigration Question (Part 1)

Before I answer your question, just a comment about what I heard on the radio today. This, to me, points out the overall problem with politics, talk-radio, right v left, etc.

So I'm listening to Air America and on the Ed Schultz show, he is interviewing Senator Ted Kennedy about the immigration bill. Ed calls it "the Kennedy-McCain bill". After I get bored listening to Ted drone on and on and on, I turn the dial over to Michael Medved. Lo and behold, he is talking about the same subject. In fact, he supports "the McCain" bill". Hmm, no mention of Ted Kennedy. I guess that means it is a slightly different version of the one Ed and Ted were discussing. I get home and log onto, to check the latest news and I see an article about the immigration bill. I read it and CNN is calling it "the Judiciary Committee bill". The article states that McCain supports this one. Wow...maybe there are 3 bills and McCane supports 2 of them? I wonder what the differences are???

After reading several sites, I'm getting the impression that in fact, they are one in the same. So why are they being called by 3 different names?? I get why AAR wanted to include Kennedy in the name and I get why Medved wanted to exclude Kennedy by name - what I don't get is why CNN mentions neither.

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