Tuesday, March 28, 2006

L'affaire de Condi

LJ, your comments are well taken. She's got no track record and, as Scooter points out, she's pro-choice and pro-affirmative action, both anathema (I wanted to use something else because I, and others, overuse that word but when I tried to find a substitute I couldn't so until Scooter finds something there it is) to the base.* There's no doubt her appeal is directly related to the probability of a Hillary nomination. Having said that, I don't think anyone who is serious thinks she's qualified. If you believe what she says, and I do, she doesn't either.

There's more here. There's a group of conservatives who can't stand the fact that black voters don't get that they've been abused and are being used by the Dems. I became convinced that this is true reading, among other things, Mona Charon's book (I plug this so often I should get some sort of royalty. This book addresses the good intentions of libs (that failed), rather than painting them as America-hating crazies).

[I've rewritten several endings to this, none satisfactory. eom]

* I was doing long and pointless parentheticals LONG before I knew Lileks existed. Of course now that I've seen Lileks, I bow (and scrape) to the master.

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