Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Part of Answering my own Immigration Question

Historically, I've been pretty, traditionally, left on this issue because I believe that the vast majority of illegal aliens are here for a good reason...making their lives better here or the lives of their loved ones better THERE. (I readily acknowledge that my Capitalist underpinnings are screaming at me that if Mexico had a freer market, 99% of this problem would go "feelings" are getting away with me here.)

For that reason, I'm FOR giving that vast majority of illegal aliens (let's call them what they are) AMNESTY (or whatever other term one cares to give it) provided they are at least willing to give lip service to becoming a citizen if that is his or her goal and we can track to ensure that the lip service is followed up. If citizenship not the stated goal, then the tracking even more important.

So, part of my benevolent dictatorship's fiat would include that.

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