Monday, September 08, 2008

I am so naive

Certain details altered to protect the guilty.

Had a meeting with client today on a real estate litigation issue. Talking about the property client said, "I'm not going to take less than $1.9M for the property because it's at 19th Street and Drake Boulevard [me: it's a great location]. I know it's not 19th Street anymore but to me it will always be 19th Street." The client said it with a smile and a wink. Client looked at me knowingly for confirmation but I had no idea what client meant. I moved on.

Later I realized. 19th Street isn't 19th Street anymore and hasn't been since at least when I first moved here in 1979. For at least 29 years 19th Street has been...

Martin Luther King Boulevard.

For a guy who was so pleased to see so many Sen. Obama signs behind the "Pine Curtain" in my mom's east Texas town of Athens, I am deflated.

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