Wednesday, September 10, 2008

On the RealClearPolitics

electoral map, if you move Florida and Colorado from toss-up to McCain, McCain wins 225-217. Heck, moving just Florida makes it 217-216 Obama.

UPDATE: Boy, I'd like to delete this. I of course was not even thinking about the total needed (270) or the effect of the other toss-ups. I just got excited when I moved two states and McCain's number was bigger than Barry's and didn't think beyond that. Sheesh.

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Stephanie said...

If Obama gets Colorado, NM, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, along with the usual suspects, he doesn't need Florida or Ohio to get to 270. I know Scooter says he won't get Colorado, though. Colorado is must-have, since I don't see a better route to 6+ votes without Ohio or Florida.