Sunday, September 07, 2008

Re: Sunday News Shows

I saw parts of the shows too.

Tom Brokaw IS too old. That was not pretty.

I have to note that Obama did indeed name three areas of disagreement with the Dems: 1) wants to enlarge the military; 2) in favor of merit policies for teachers; and 3) wants to reduce litigation costs in the healthcare arena. This begins at about the -6:00 minute mark of the second segment for the video of This Week that you can see here for the moment. (Sorry I can't get a more precise and permanent link.) I don't really know where the majority of Dems are on these points, so I don't know if he's actually bucking the party or would find plenty of agreement; maybe that's what LJ meant by saying he didn't name three areas of disagreement.

Obama handed the right some juicy video with that "my Muslim faith" snippet and some will go to town with it. But no honest person can make hay about this. It's clear that he meant that McCain hadn't ever made the claim that Obama is Muslim. You can judge for yourself at -2:49 in the third segment. Update: Due credit to Hot Air and Ace who called off the dogs. Update II: Washington Times makes hay. Update III: Drudge is more in-the-tank for Palin than for anyone else I've ever noticed:

It is surely painful to watch him dance around the surge success issue. It's not 100% clear to me that it was increased numbers of troops rather than changed tactics (fruits of Petraeus' counter-insurgency strategy) that had the greatest effect on quelling violence, but I'm willing to buy the proposition that the surge was beneficial. We'll never know whether anything other than the surge would have done the job.


love johnson said...

I was trying to watch, flip channels and type at the same time. That may have led to the confusion regarding Obama and his list of 3. If I recall correctly, George asked him to name 3 things he would change (or something to that effect) that would be unpopular with Democrats. Within that answer (where he listed the 3 mentioned), he made a statement about an audit of all gov't programs and his desire to eliminate those that don't work. George asked to him to name 3, which he didn't want to do. So he mentioned one, which was the way Medicare is funded.

Stephanie said...

The unpopular-with-Dems question came from some ordinary citizen. I missed the question that led to the audit/Medicare answer you're referencing.