Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sunday News Programs

I can't believe that I'm actually watching the ABC, CBS and NBC news programs this morning. Not sure what I'm expecting to hear, but since 3 of the 4 top candidates are on them (hmm, wonder which one wasn't), to compare and contrast might be the reason. My observations:

1) Tom Brokaw is either unprepared or too old. Stammering while trying to get questions out to Biden. I'm not a Biden fan really (he's a blowhard and loves to hear himself talk) but I liked his response to the abortion question. Basically, he doesn't think he should impose his personal faith views on others, nor does he think the gov't should impose any view on the public.

2) Obama on ABC, being interviewed by George S. He does his usual dance around the surge question (it's all about semantics) and actally makes a slip when answering questions about his faith by saying..."questions about my Muslim faith...". George corrected him..."you mean my Christian faith...". Obama...."uh, yes, my Christian faith...". He claims that he will offer positions different than those of most Democrats and especially, Reid and Pelosi. When asked to name 3, he wouldn't; when asked to name one, he mentioned education (positions different than what the Teachers Union wants/supports).

3) McCain on CBS. Claims that Palin will come on Schaeffer's program first. Somehow I doubt that; if true, Fox News might revolt. McCain supports the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac bailout (again, I thought the whole Republican/Conservative economic policy was based on "free market" letting businesses succeed or fail on their own). But what I'm hearing lately is that some businesses are too important to let fail - that the gov't (i.e. me/taxpayers) should pay the price. So far that list includes the 2 FM's, Bear-Stearns, certain airlines and from what I'm hearing, the big 3 auto makers. My question would be, what aren't the shareholders being asked to bail them out. They get the profits. And why aren't the CEO's/Board of Directors being held accountable?

But I digress....McCain responds to the question about the lack of minority delegates at the RNC (something like 43 out of 2,500) by saying that Republicans have to let minorities know that they are the party of Lincoln,...."the party of LINCOLN...", he exclaimed. Abe wouldn't recognize "his" party these days.

I've had enough. The only person who made an impression on me was Biden. Not quite as long-winded as usual (but then again, network TV has commercial breaks) and was as concise (as he can be) when answering questions.

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