Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Supreme Court poll

As I write this our poll is 4-0 in favor of strict construction. I took the wording directly from the Rasmussen poll earlier this week.

Fun campaign fact:

"While 82% of voters who support McCain believe the justices should rule on what is in the Constitution, just 29% of Barack Obama’s supporters agree. Just 11% of McCain supporters say judges should rule based on the judge’s sense of fairness, while nearly half (49%) of Obama supporters agree."


Stephanie said...

I never know what anyone means by "strict constructionist". I wasn't voting for strict constructionism as conservatives sometimes use it.

Stephanie said...

Shameful for our side, although I'd like to see the questions themselves. If they used the phrase 'strict construction', they would have put Dems in a position to not have an acceptable answer to choose from.

Michael said...

It simply means follow the words in the document and subsequent precedents, don't make up stuff based on fairness or anything else: in other words, just the way you voted. You're a strict constructionalist.

Michael said...

I used the wording exactly.

Michael said...

Yep, he said it last night:

OBAMA: Well, I think it's true that we shouldn't apply a strict litmus test and the most important thing in any judge is their capacity to provide fairness and justice to the American people.